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Interactions & Games

Take a walk in Wonderland and you'll never know who you'll bump into... and what strange situations you'll find yourself in! 

Pomba Girls



The Queen Of Hearts

& The Heartlets

Play a spot of croquet against the Queen and her entourage and see if you can keep your head as you stand trail at Her Majesty's Court on Sunday - with prizes, dares and ridiculous punishments galore!

Pomba Girls

Soap Box Circus



The White Rabbit

& The Cheshire Cat

Follow the magic, mystery and mayhem of these strolling circus artists as they play tricks on our minds and send us off on all sorts of strange adventures around the garden!  

Squiggles and Wiggles



A Mad Tea Party

The Mad Hatter and his crazy crew will throw bottomless tea parties on a whim! Join in for the silliest of silly games and some other absolute nonsense!

Squiggles & Wiggles




The Tweedle Olympics

Dum and Dee limber up to compete against the best of the best at their completely insane sports day... 

Are you bonkers enough to take part?

Ella The Great



The Mini Circus

Join the magic and share the laughter as international clowning sensation Ella the Great brings her Mini Circus to town! Spreading cheers, smiles and self-empowerment, she’ll be showing us all how to make the most of our beautiful imaginations. 

Ella The Great

BuckBuck GAme


The Quest for the Smoking Caterpillar

Join the quest that gets curiouser and curiouser.

Bizarre characters, clues and contraptions will twist and turn you through the heart of Wonderland, but will you find the fabled smoking Caterpillar and the prizes he holds? 

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