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Live bands, duos & DJs spanning a variety of genres.

Funk, Breaks, DnB, Disco, House, Hip-Hop, Swing, Garage & so much more

A Skillz

A.Skillz is a true party rocker behind the turntables, captivating crowds with
his ability to embrace all aspects of music that he takes inspiration from and
mash them up into a unique cocktail, infused with his own signature flavour of

Father Funk

'Breakthrough Artist' and awarded 'Free Track of the Year' at Breakspoll in 2015, Father Funk has established himself as one of the key players in the worldwide
Ghetto Funk, Breaks and Glitch scene.

Jimi NeeDles
Live Band

Incorporating turntablist DJ skills with top-of-their-game jazz performers, Jimi Needles recreates his signature sound loud and live for an electrifying performance where funky retro synths, a brass section and keytar meld with amazing mixes from across the musical genre multi-verse.

Private Parties
My Bad Sister

 Identical twins My Bad Sister were born with talent at their fingertips. Hailing from East London, their legendary cabaRAVES come complete with singing, rapping and dancing get everyone up on their feet. 

Mista Trick

Swing'n'bass DJ and producer Mista Trick is in a league of his own. Mixing vintage, vaudeville vibes with distinctly down and dirty Drum n Bass, Mista Trick sounds like the love-child of a wartime knees-up and a 90s rave. He’s fresh, he’s fun, he’s all about the boogie. Bring your flat caps and suspenders and throw some swinging shapes!

Madame Electrifie

Fusing ace vintage beats with the best of the modern age, Madame Electrifie takes classic grooves and threads through everything from hip hop to house, breaks to drum'n'bass to create a raucous dance-floor focused party. Its swing meets synth, and big band meets bass, complete with a pin curl and lashings of fun.

Corporate Events
Heavy Beat
Brass Band

HBBB  are the  UK`s most  authentic New  Orleans-style brass  band, remixing modern Pop  classics with New Orleans brass,  Funk, Hip Hop and more.

They have developed a unique style designed to make you  move with heavy drum beats, fat  bass lines and raucous horns, combining  to form a what we like to call 'Feel Good Music'.


Boston has been making some serious waves in the Drum & Bass scene recently with his unmistakable blend of beats, bass and soulful instrumentation.

Jorge's Hot Club

A breath of fresh air who bring their own distinctive brand of infectious gypsy swing to the party. Jorge’s Hot Club pilfer pop culture for its ripest musical apples to re-interrupt it with their DIY gypsy punk vibe, delivering barnstorming live sets each and every time.


"When two great saints meet it is a humbling experience"

Simon Love and Alexander Hale are two separate entities coming together for this once-in-a-lifetime show to perform for your pleasure. Expect thrills, spills, chills and foul language amongst each others songs and a few cheeky covers.

The Mysteries

Inspired by the raucous sounds of Link Wray, Dick Dale, The Centurians, Eddie & The Showmen and many more, Al, Phil, Micky, Math and Raz…The Mysteries Five!
…harness the elemental instrumental sounds of the late 50s and early 60s and bring the surf stomp into the 21st century.

Orange ADe

Drawing inspiration, Ade prefers not to dismiss music by genre association, but instead prefers to consciously invest his efforts in creating thought-provoking, uplifting, positive vibes. You'll enjoy the effects.

Roger Wilko

Multi genre mash-ups riddled with B-sides, Bootlegs and Baselines. In short... bangin'.

The Bard

Hailing from the UK, The Bard works wonders with vintage remixes, DnB, electro swing, world music, disco and funk 'n' soul.


A two-piece electronic duo featuring vocalist Shannon Kait and producer Jo Burns. Their music takes a journey through dark brooding basslines and haunting vocal melodies, through stomping electronica, trip hop and house. Influenced by the energy of the dancefloor combined with the ambience of the after party, it’s a heavy blend taking influence from everything from jazz to dub.

Dion Deverill

Hailing from New Zealand, Dion Deverill has been infused with music from a young age. With a jazz background and tremendous talent, he's now sharing his 

beautiful folk songs, voice and guitar skills with the UK. Lucky us.

Boink Djs


(Funky Breaks)

Co-founder of BOINK! and long time bouncy beats lover, D. Viant has made a name for himself at Burning Man events across the world as well as the UK festival scene. Always looking to put the FUN in FUNKY and get the dancefloor bouncing.


(House & Disco)

Giggletits gets her kicks playing classic house and sexy disco.
Bringing an animated performance as well as much loved tunes to any party, she can’t help but make the room bounce, jive and twist.

Swing n Bass

Swing & Bass takeover the place with the sounds of the 1920's to 1960's, twisting them up with thoroughly modern mashups. Come inside and see where Bowler Hats meets Bass and Lindy Hop meets Booty Pop!

Hot Slice Music

Music served up just the way you like it... freshly sliced pieces of funk-infused paradise.

DJ Tee

Serving up some tunes to groove to with your cuppa, DJ Tee can even get your granny moving. 


A liquid and party Drum and Bass DJ by trade, Benchmark can often be found scurrying towards the decks as long serving resident and soundman at Wonderland.

Ladies Who Lunge

Wonderland's women take over the decks to bring you all the bootylicious, lunge-tastic and twerk-arific treasures they can find. Expect everything from RnB classics to decade-spanning pop.


Resident Wonderland funster playing everything and anything to get you grooving on the dance floor!


Purple are a creative collective, encouraging positive raving with a growing movement of high energy parties. Powered by eclectic underground line-ups, visually beautiful environments, and a commitment to raising money and awareness for various causes, the Purple philosophy is to throw parties with vibes that continue to ripple out into the community long after the events are over.

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