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Our Story

Wonderland began in 2007, when a small group of friends decided to throw their good pal, Alice, a party in her garden. It went rather well, and a greater idea took root: Why not take all that love and turn it into something...well...wonderful? 


From then on, Wonderland have been raising money for charity through hosting unique and wonderful parties, pop-ups and fantastically fun indoor-festival events. All of the Wonderland crew are volunteers, working hard and partying for the love of it, and have grown to be one of London’s most-colourful, most-charming, and most eclectic nightlife names.

Since 2010, Wonderland have been donating their profits to the Wonder Years Centre of Excellence (WYCE) and have travelled to The Gambia on more than one occasion to meet with WYCE’s founders, help with builds, and spend time with the local community.


Our current home is at The Prince of Wales in Brixton, but you may have come across us at our previous residency at Crucifix Lane (Jack’s)  in London Bridge. We were also one of the founding members of The Elysian Project, a mega-collective of good sorts known for their legendary north-London NYE parties.  


Along with our POW parties, we throw fabulous little festivals and play host to various cabaret shows, collaborative nights, art exhibitions and more throughout the year. There is nothing that the Wonderland crew won't get stuck into; so stay tuned and keep in touch!


The Wonderland Crew


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